Bankside Park, Mott haven

Brookfield Properties opens Bankside Park in Mott Haven

Brookfield Properties recently celebrated the opening of the brand new Bankside Park. I’m thrilled to share these photos with you from my exclusive walk-through before Bankside Park opened!

Bankside park is a green, modern addition to Mott Haven, The Bronx. This park is part of the larger 4.3-acre Bankside development that reconnects the community with the Harlem River waterfront after more than a century. The master plan, designed by Hill West, includes thoughtful contributions from landscape design firm MPFP. They added trees, open lawns, and wood-decked seating areas to create a welcoming space. A perfect place for a walk.

This $950 million project is more than just a park. It represents a transformative vision for Mott Haven, aiming to revitalize the neighborhood. The development will feature 1,379 new apartments, 30 percent of which will be rent-stabilized.

Bankside Park enhances the area’s beauty and restores a vital connection to the Harlem River. The design focuses on community engagement, offering green spaces for relaxation and socializing. This project shows Brookfield Properties’ commitment to creating vibrant and inclusive urban environments. It blends modern design with the historical roots of the neighborhood.

Bankside’s history

Before Brookfield Properties stepped in, the site was heavily contaminated due to many years of industrial use such as coal storage and vehicle repair shops. The area, classified as a Brownfield, required extensive cleanup. Brookfield Properties undertook a major remediation efforts to improve pollution and prepare the site for redevelopment.

They also constructed a new shoreline bulkhead, which helps manage rising water levels, access to the river, and set the stage for Bankside Park’s creation. This transformation not only cleaned up a neglected site but also connected the upland community with the riverfront, paving the way for new green spaces and housing developments.

Mott Havenโ€™s potential

Bankside Park, Mott haven

Mott Haven is a great place for this development because its rich industrial history and untapped potential. The area was once filled with warehouses that had fallen into neglect. This made it an ideal location for revitalization efforts. Its location along the Harlem River offered unique opportunities for waterfront development. The community’s need for modern housing and green spaces also played a crucial role.

Revitalizing the neighborhood

Once filled with factories and warehouses, Mott Haven had fallen into neglect. The new park and apartments promise to revitalize the neighborhood, making it more livable and attractive.

Green spaces and housing

The project will create green spaces for relaxation and socializing and provide much-needed housing. Both current residents and newcomers will benefit from these improvements.

Supporting a diverse community

The addition of rent-stabilized apartments ensures that the development supports a diverse community. With these changes, Mott Haven is set to become a vibrant and welcoming area, blending its historical roots with modern urban design.

Enhancing community and beauty

The project not only enhances the areaโ€™s beauty but also strengthens the community, making it a better place to live. As the area transforms, it will offer more opportunities and a better quality of life for everyone.

What’s next for Mott Haven?

This development is a key step in making Mott Haven a thriving, inclusive, and dynamic part of the Bronx. By revitalizing the area with new housing, green spaces, and community support, the Bankside project sets a strong foundation for future growth. Mott Haven will continue to evolve, attracting more residents and visitors, fostering a sense of community, and celebrating its rich history while embracing a modern future.

Alexander Avenue extension project

The Alexander Avenue Extension will expand from Alexander Avenue to Willis Avenue and East 132nd Street to the Harlem River, connecting with Lincoln Avenue Waterfront Park. This site is vital for the Mott Haven-Port Morris waterfront, located in a Zone B flood zone affected by Hurricane Sandy. The project aims to mitigate climate change impacts and flooding risks. Included in Vision 2020 and the NYC Parks Department’s plans, the project will enhance the waterfront’s resilience. Construction is expected to start soon, with completion anticipated in the next few years.

As the area grows, you can expect more opportunities for both personal and economic development. This project represents a commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents, ensuring that Mott Haven becomes a model for urban renewal. With its vibrant mix of new and old, Mott Haven is on track to become one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the Bronx.

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