About Jakob Dahlin

Welcome to the world of Jakob Dahlin, a renowned architectural photographer in New York City. With a distinguished portfolio that spans across continents, Jakob’s work brings cities and their architecture to life through his lens.

Architectural Photographer in New York City: Jakob Dahlin's World of Visual Stories

Renowned Architectural Photographer in New York City

Jakob’s work on historical landmark buildings and brand new developments across New York City has earned him wide recognition. His mastery in capturing iconic buildings like the Woolworth Building, Empire State Building, The Textile Building, Starrett-Lehigh, and The News Building has been acclaimed not only in New York City but also in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Sweden.


Featured on Million Dollar Listing: New York

Jakob’s talent as an architectural photographer in New York City gained spotlight after being featured on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Since then, he has collaborated with leading brands in the real estate industry, with his work appearing at global retailers like IKEA.

Architectural Photographer in New York City: Jakob Dahlin's Global Impact


Residential Photography

Residential Photography by Jakob Dahlin

Jakob specializes in a broad range of residential interior photography. His scope includes everything from documenting renovation projects and capturing the unique features of building amenities to artistically photographing interiors of historic buildings as well as brand new developments. He predominantly collaborates with PR agencies, delivering captivating imagery for marketing purposes. With his unique knack for harnessing natural light to capture the essence of spaces, Jakob’s photography not only showcases properties but also tells their story in a compelling way. This effective promotion of properties, combined with his versatile skills, has cemented Jakob’s reputation as a highly sought-after architectural and commercial photographer in the residential real estate market.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography by Jakob Dahlin

As a highly accomplished commercial real estate photographer, Jakob’s work has been showcased in prominent news outlets like Forbes, BusinessInsider, NY Post, ArchDaily, The Villager, 6sqft, and Curbed. He has been commended for presenting unique architecture and amenities of properties, capturing the potential of a space in a way that attract potential buyers and tenants.

Event Photography

Event Photography by Jakob Dahlin

Experience the art of storytelling through Jakob’s event photography services. With a keen eye for detail and an ability to capture candid moments, Jakob’s event photography creates a vibrant narrative that brings each event to life. Whether it’s a grand opening, a corporate gathering, or an intimate celebration, Jakob’s expertise ensures that every significant moment is immortalized through his lens.

Neighborhood Photography

Neighborhood Photography by Jakob Dahlin

Jakob’s neighborhood photography offers a unique perspective on the distinctive character and charm of various areas. With a focus on architecture, culture, and the day-to-day life within a community, Jakob crafts captivating visual narratives that embody the spirit of each neighborhood. Whether it’s the bustling streets of New York City or the serene landscapes of Stockholm, his work paints a vivid picture that resonates with both residents and potential buyers.

Retail Photography

Retail Photography by Jakob Dahlin

Jakob also excels in retail photography, capturing the design, atmosphere, and unique selling points of retail spaces. His work spans across various types of retail establishments, from small boutique stores to large shopping centers. Jakob’s retail photography provides a visual narrative that highlights the shopping experience, focusing on product placement, layout, and unique architectural details. His use of lighting and composition not only showcases each retail space in its best light but also communicates the brand’s identity and appeal to potential customers. This commitment to detail and understanding of retail marketing strategies make Jakob a sought-after name in the retail photography landscape.

Traveling the World

When not capturing the iconic skyline of New York City, Jakob travels around the globe, creating postcard-like photographs that bring the essence of different cities into a single frame. Join him on this journey, and let Jakob’s lens help you see the world in a new light.