Jakob Dahlin is a renowned architectural photographer and artist based in New York City. He is well-known for his work at historical landmark buildings and brand new developments across the city.

He gained wide recognition after being featured on Million Dollar Listing: New York and since then he has worked with leading brands in the real estate industry not only in New York City but also in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Sweden.

In New York City, Jakob has extensive experience working in historical landmark buildings such as Woolworth Building, Empire State Building, The Textile Building, Starrett-Lehigh, and The News Building.

When he is not capturing the iconic skyline of New York City, Jakob travels around the world, capturing postcard-like photographs. Some of his work has been available for purchase at global retailers such as IKEA.


When it comes to residential interior photography, Jakob Dahlin primarily works with PR agencies to photograph new developments for marketing purposes. He has a unique way of capturing the essence of apartments by mostly using natural light.

Jakob’s ability to work closely with PR agencies and understand their specific needs and goals, as well as produce high-quality images that effectively promote the properties, has made him a highly sought-after architectural photographer in the residential real estate market.

Architectural Photographer in New York City: Jakob Dahlin's Global Impact


Jakob Dahlin is a highly accomplished commercial real estate photographer, whose work has been featured in a number of prominent news outlets. His photographs have been featured in Forbes, BusinessInsider, ArchDaily, The Villager, 6sqft and Curbed.

His work has been recognized for its ability to present unique architecture and amenities of properties, and from a marketing perspective; capture the potential of a space in a way that attract potential buyers and tenants.


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